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Focus on medical equipment and consumables professional services

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Focus on medical equipment and consumables professional services

Core Values

  • Market-oriented, contribute to African medical care, and improve the global competitiveness of Chinese medical products
  • People are the core, trust and respect coexist. We always encourage personal feelings and company philosophy to be highly unified, and the pursuit of high standards of self-realization is highly consistent with the company's innovation and development
  • Let Lerong’s love and service spread throughout all Africa


Lerong is a multinational medical company focusing on professional services for medical devices and consumables



Mr. Zhang Kun, general manager and Nigerian sales director, to visit Shandong Lekang Medical Group

At 2:00 pm on November 24, 2021, Ms. Yang Minna, founder and CEO of Shenzhen Lerong Company, led Mr. Zhang Kun, general…


Kidney clinics Nigeria Ltd visited Lerong Medical Nigeria

At 10:00 am on Sep 27, 2021, Dr Sokunbi from Kidney clinics Nigeria Ltd ,ABEOKUTA dialysis center,Visited Nigeria Ler…